News: Lincolnshire’s celebrity look alikes as chosen by you

News: Lincolnshire’s celebrity look alikes as chosen by you

Another Lincolnshire Highlights news story…

There is always that one friend in your group who looks like somebody famous or maybe it is a family member.

There even might have been a time when you have been out and bout and had to double check because you swore you have just seen a Hollywood A-lister climbing up Steep Hill.

So at Lincolnshire Live we thought why not create an aggregator of people living in the county who look like famous people.

We appealed to you through our Facebook page and this is what you said:



Nick Thomas thinks his uncle looks like film star, Bruce Willis and it’s hard to disagree!

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis
(Image: GETTY)


David Ginty believes his cat Tiddles resembles comedian and British Bake Off host, Noel Fielding.

We think they might have the same barber.

Noel Fielding and Tiddles the cat
Noel Fielding and Tiddles the cat
(Image: PA/David Mcginty Ginty)


Sticking on the animal theme, Donna Dolton says her dog is doppelganger for Richard Gere.

There is definitely something about the eyes.

Richard Gere
Richard Gere
(Image: Getty/Donna Dolton)


Alex Azu says he is often mistaken for Richard Ayoade.

With similar hair and glasses it is easy to see why.

Richard Ayoade and Alex Azu
Richard Ayoade and Alex Azu
(Image: Getty/Alex Azu)


Danielle Bazouki says her husband is often compared to Italian chef Gino D’Acampo.

Again we think it is all in the hair.

Gino D'acampo
Gino D’acampo
(Image: Danielle Bazouki)


Leigh Nicola reckons her husband looks like Peter Kay.

And no joke, there are actual similarities.

Peter Kay
Peter Kay
(Image: Leigh Nicola/PA)


Charlie Wilcox thinks her friend Ayesha Thornton looks like Geodie Shore’s Chloe Ferry.

Their hair does appear to be the same shade of blonde.

Chloe Ferry
Chloe Ferry
(Image: MTV/Ayesha Thornton)


Rachelle Dolton says her partner often gets told he looks like Thor.

With the long hair and beard it would appear to be an easy mistake to make.



Leanda Neeham has got her son to do his best impression of Macauley Caulkin.

And it’s fair to say he has pulled it off pretty convincingly.

Macauley Caulkin
Macauley Caulkin
(Image: Tim N Leanda Needham)

Have you got anyone in mind who looks like a celeb? Let us know in the comments below or send me an email

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