News: Warning issued as massive bee swarms are spotted in the Boston area

News: Warning issued as massive bee swarms are spotted in the Boston area

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People in Lincolnshire are being urged to remain calm amid an increase in sightings of bee swarms around the county.

A number of swarms have been in spotted in and around Boston in recent days, in addition to a sighting at a pedestrian crossing control panel in Lincoln.

That has got a number of people into a panic fearing they are at an increased risk of being stung.

Chris Mountain, 35, a Lincolnshire -based beekeeper, says he is getting two or three calls about sightings of swarms every day at the moment.

However, even though the hot weather does bring them out, he says there is no reason to be alarmed.


“Like we all want to go on holidays, bees will only go out on a warm day,” he said.

“They swarm to reproduce the hive.

“They will have already scouted three or four locations.

“Queen bees can’t fly that far and when they need to rest they will land on something.

“The other bees will then land on top – it is a safety measure.

“Once they leave, their bees can’t go back. Their only worry is to make sure the queen gets to the new place.”

Bee swarms
A bee swarm in Old Leake captured in recent days
(Image: Young Beekeepers/Chris Mountain)

He added: “They won’t sting or affect you, their only concern is the queen.

“If you start jabbing or stabbing the queen then they might attack.”

The 35-year-old, who has been a beekeeper for two years, has admitted that with the warm weather and mild winter it is a ‘swarmy year’.

But he does have advice for anyone who does feel scared.

Bees caught on camera in Lincoln at the weekend
(Image: submitted)

“Stay calm,” he said. “Do not spray them or pour boiling water on them.

“Let them do their thing.

“If you are scared, shut your windows and doors and make others aware.

“Contact your local beekeeper on Facebook or on Google.

“Go on www.

(Image: Paul Whitelam)

Once that is done, a beekeeper will arrange to come out and safely deal with the swarm.

To find Chris and his team, follow the Young Beekeepers on Facebook.


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